Music is essential. I've been playing music most of my life - electric bass in rock and blues bands; then piano, percussion, and electronics in college; later free improvisation and home made instruments. Recently I've started playing the carillon.

Whether solo or in a group, with friends or for an audience, music is an activity, a ritual of sound making and consciousness shaping. For most of human history it would have been unnecessary to state this, but in our present age of file sharing, it's important to remember that music is not just data - it's something you do, something you make.

Here are a few samples of music I've made. (Yes, these are files, but before being codified as data, they came to life through a physical gesture, causing a vibration that was perceived by a nervous system, which evaluated the sound, and in response changed the gesture, changing the vibration,
renewing the perception, countless times each second until it sounded right.)

"Duet for Skatch Box and Recorder Quintet"

The restless skatch box, a cardboard creation of instrument designer Tom Nunn,
is set against a static blanket of five recorders. Performed by Ed Herrmann

excerpt from "Assault of the Palindromes"

Andrew Voigt was a founding member of the great ROVA Saxophone Quartet. Finding common improvisational impulses, Andrew and I pushed each other's boundaries during years of performing and recording together. Ed Herrmann (electronics) Andrew Voigt (saxophone)

"Prepare for Starch"

The Edgewalker Ensemble was Tom Nunn, Doug Carroll, Gary Knowlton, and Ed Herrmann playing improvised music on original instruments designed by Tom Nunn. We performed and recorded together from 2000 - 2002. Performed by Edgewalker Ensemble

excerpt from "Su-Do-Po"  

For inspiration nothing beats collaboration. Brooklyn based dancer Bob Beswick and I discovered a special camaraderie through structured improvisations infused with a sense of surreal fun and play. We've performed and toured together throughout the US.
"Su-Do-Po" features Bob's voice, which I freely reconstructed and embellished.