You can hear some of my radio pieces on PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.
(As a guest you can only hear excerpts, but if you sign up as a listener you can hear entire pieces. It's free.)

"Confronting the Warpland: Black Poets of Chicago" is a documentary I wrote and produced for the Poetry Foundation. Beginning with with Great Migration of the early 20th Century, and continuing to contemporary poets, the program features interviews and readings by African American writers, including Gwendolyn Brooks, Haki Madhubuti, Sterling Plumpp, Margaret Walker, Quraysh Ali Lansana, and Tyehimba Jess.
Richard Steele is the host. Here is an excerpt:

Excerpt from "Confronting the Warpland: Black Poets of Chicago"

You can read more about the program at the Poetry Foundation site.
You can download and/or hear the entire program at PRX.

Here's a short feature I did for WBEZ when the traveling carillon visited Chicago.
If you've ever wondered how 13 tons of bronze bells travel, just listen:

"The Traveling Carillon"  

My 1989 interview with John Cage for KPFA will be available again soon.

Radio, like music, exists through the medium of time. The essential responsibility in both endeavors is to justify the time taken by the listener. My first experience in radio was as a volunteer. Like other community stations of the time, KOPN was founded on the belief that the airwaves are a public resource that should be used for the public benefit. I still agree. Since then I've worked in radio as a producer, host, and engineer.